A cheaper alternative to dental implants is having a dental bridge made. Dental bridges use the teeth either side of the gap to replace a missing tooth or teeth.
Bridges are prosthetic teeth that are fixed to surrounding teeth for support. They are permanent fixtures, consisting of a false tooth (or teeth) attached to two crowns, which anchor the new tooth in place and ‘bridge the gap’. Dental bridges restore the natural look lost after losing a tooth, improving your appearance, preventing teeth shifting out of place and restoring your confidence.

Two appointments with Barry are required to complete the treatment. The first allows the dentist to prepare the surrounding teeth for crowning by adjusting their shape using files, and then takes an imprint using dental putty for the bridge to be formed from. You will leave your first appointment with a temporary bridge to protect the area. At your second appointment the bridge is attached to your teeth, and sealed on. Further appointments to check the fit and bite of your new bridge will be required, alongside regular checkups

You can receive all this information and more when you arrange a consultation with our Dental Coordinator.

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