Testimonial: Kathleen G


I used to be a nervous wreck at the thought of visiting the dentist, even the thought of a check up fused me days of anxiety and stress before the dreaded day actually arrived. Should I be unfortunate enough to require a filling or other dental work, then I was reduced to a complete state of terror – sleepless nights – days of worry, headaches and on occasions even cancelled the appointment on some fabricated excuse.

Then I found Barry.

At first I was still the same, with the same fears and dreads, but his patience with me gradually taught me to relax and that a visit to the dentist did not have to be the ordeal that i had always experienced. I started to actually look forward to my appointment with Barry and his Team and now I can have any procedure, safe in the knowledge that I do not need to be afraid.

To anyone who suffers the same phobia, I would honestly say, relax and put yourself in the capable hands of barry and his team, and learn to look forward to the visit to the dentist – I did. Thank you Barry and ll the Team at the Haslemere Dental centre.

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