Dental Cavities (or caries) are infections that cause the breakdown of teeth. They remain one of the most common diseases throughout the world. They  are caused by bacteria found in the mouth that turn food into acids, which then combine with saliva and bits of food to form a pale yellow biofilm called plaque. This biofilm sticks to the surface of teeth. Dental cavities are most common on the back molars and just above the gum line on all teeth. If plaque is not removed, tooth decay will begin. It hardens to form dental calculus (or tartar), which irritates the gums and can lead to gingivitis.

Dental cavities are holes caused by the acids in plaque. They are often harmless, but can grow large, affect nerves and even cause teeth to fracture. If left untreated, tooth decay can also destroy the inside of the tooth (the pulp), which leads to tooth loss.

Whilst tooth decay is often void of any noticeable symptoms, it can be noticed by feeling pain after eating/drinking anything cold or sweet; occasionally, small holes or pits in the teeth are also visible with the naked eye.

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