This part of the website offers a wealth of information on cosmetic options and treatments that we are able to provide for you. However if there is something specific that you would like to find out about then we offer a complimentary service, where you can come in free of charge, and talk to us about any concerns you might have about your smile and how you would like to enhance it. So please use that service, give us a call, come in and have a chat and we can talk to you about what options are available and see if we can help you.

Advances made in dental technology now allow you to restore your smile in many ways, increasing your confidence and improving your look. Whether you suffer from tooth loss, cavities, crooked teeth or stained teeth, a branch of cosmetic dentistry can help you. From small simple fixes, like a single discoloured tooth, to whole smile makeovers, we can help. Undergo a cosmetic dental treatment to feel great about your teeth again.If you suffer from tooth loss, the effects are cosmetic as well as health-related. A range of treatments are available, from bridges and removable dental partials to dental implants. Restore your smile and have custom artificial teeth made to match your teeth in colour, size and shape. Your dentist can help you decide which treatment will suit you best.

If cavities are a problem for you, standard amalgam fillings may appear unsightly. Tooth coloured composite or porcelain fillings are available to look natural and complement your existing tooth colour. People will be unaware of your fillings if they appear blended in, and the improvement on dark metal fillings will work wonders for your overall smile look. Ask your dentist about tooth coloured fillings.

Dental braces and Invisalign can make crooked, cramped or widely-spaced teeth straight, improving the look and health of the teeth. Braces are a cheaper alternative to Invisalign, which is an advanced, clear tooth alignment system, but Invisalign is becoming more popular as it is unnoticeable compared to standard braces. Braces and Invisalign aren’t just available for teenagers, and a person of any age can have their teeth straightened for cosmetic or medical reasons. Consult your dentist about teeth straightening today.

Zoom laser teeth whitening is an advanced cosmetic dental procedure, which makes stained teeth up to 10 shades whiter in just over an hour. Using Zoom Hydrogen Peroxide gel and laser light, stains below the tooth enamel are bleached away, and teeth are permanently brighter. At home kits are also available from Zoom to follow up the laser whitening. A brighter smile improves the look of your teeth and your confidence, so speak to your dentist to find out if laser dentistry is suitable for you.

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