A crown is a cap that can be placed over what is left of a tooth, and is a way of adding strength to it, as well as giving the tooth a natural shape. These can also be places over implants if the tooth needs to be extracted entirely. This an ideal method to use on broken teeth, or on teeth weakened by decay or a very sizeable filling. Crowns can be made in either porcelain or gold or can be a combination of the two. Here at HDC we use modern technology which means that the majority of patients only require ONE VISIT.

Benefits of using crowns are:

  • improving the appearance of fillings
  • protection for a root filling
  • prolonging the life of the existing tooth
  • firmly keeping a bridge or denture in place

If you are interested in crowns or would like to receive more information please give us a call and we can arrange for you to come in for a visit with our Treatment Coordinator.

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