Dental braces and Invisalign can make crooked, cramped or widely-spaced teeth straight, improving the look and health of the teeth. Invisalign is becoming more popular as it is employs the use of clear braces compared to standard braces which can be very visible on the teeth. While Invisalign takes longer to achieve than 6 month smiles it has the potential to tackle orthodontic problems that 6 month smile cannot, it is also capable of moving the areas of your teeth that you cannot instantly see.

6 Month Smiles has many of the advantages that Invisalign offers, but includes slightly different technology. 6 Month smiles includes creating a custom made tray for each patient, so the treatment is a lot more personal to you, with the key pressure points identified. This design means that the brace exerts pressure on your teeth at the optimum points and in exactly the right way – so your teeth move faster and it is more comfortable for you to wear. This makes 6 month smiles ideal for adults who want to make a fast cosmetic improvement to their smile.

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