Examination Services
New to the Practice
Complimentary Practice Visit
You are welcome to come in and see the team, hear about the practice and get a feel for what we can do for you. We can also provide you with any information about specific questions you may have.
All Patients Free
New Patient Consultations
This is a Comprehensive Examination including evaluation of your muscles in your head and neck, oral cancer screening, gum health, teeth and their current restorations and condition. Any photographs and small x-rays if required. This fee also includes your Patient Care Consultation where all of the findings will be presented and discussed. *Please refer to the Treatment Description Guide for more information about what is included in each of these appointments.
Adults (22+) £84.00
Young Adults (8-21) £84.00
Teens (13-17) £55.00
Children (6-12) £49.00
Children (0-5) Free
Patient Care Consultations
An appointment to look at your results of your examination using your photographs and x-rays. This is an opportunity to see what we are seeing, hear our advice for your dental health and get a feel for what your treatment options are.
All Patients Free
Existing Patients
Ongoing Oral Health Evaluations
Your 6 monthly, regular dental examination and hygiene therapy appointments combined for your convenience *Refer to the Treatment Description Guide for more information..
Adults (22+) £132.00
Young Adults (18-21) £99.99
Teens (13-17) £77.00
Children (6-12) £55.00
Children (0-5) Free
Stand Alone Dental Examination or Hygiene Therapy Appointment
Should you wish to see a Dentist or Hygiene Therapist outside of your oral health evaluation appointments.
All Patients £69.00
Emergency Appointments
These appointments are specific to the issue highlighted and the patient will not receive a full dental examination.
All Patients £84.00
Dental Images and Photos
A 2-D image used to detect even the slightest traces of oral health problems at their earliest stages, such as cavities, gum disease, oral infections, and some types of tumours.
Small x-ray £15.00
Large x-ray (Panoral/OPT) £65.00
Full mouth set of Radiograph £75.00
CT Scan
A type of x-ray that creates 3-D images of dental structures, soft tissue, nerves, and bone. This type of image is often used for or during Root Canal treatment and Implant placements..
CT Scan from £99.00 to £265.00
We take a range of intra oral & facial photographs to help us with your diagnosis, planning and treatment.
Photographs Free
Dental Treatment & Services
Gum Health & Hygiene Therapy Services
Full Periodontal Evaluation
Digital ‘Florida Probe’ to detect and diagnose periodontal disease which gives patients a visual and audio explanation of the current gum health.
All Patients £129.00
Gingivitis Therapy
A specific gum disease treatment tailored to the specific patient requirements.
All Patients from £92.00 to £129.00
Periodontal Therapy
A treatment specifically designed for more extensive and advanced Gum Disease requiring advanced Treatment methods.
All Patients from £151.00 to £300.00
Periodontal Review
Following Periodontal Therapy this appointment is designed to review the Periodontal Therapy and improvement progress & make recommendations for ongoing treatment.
All Patients £96.00
Stand Alone Dental Examination or Hygiene Therapy appointment
Should you wish to see a Dentist or Hygiene Therapist outside of your oral health evaluation appointments.
All Patients £69.00
Fluoride Treatment
Helps prevent tooth decay by making the tooth more resistant to acid attacks from plaque bacteria and sugars in the mouth.
All Patients £35.00
Direct Access Hygiene Appointment
This is for simple hygiene only. The hygienist will not carry out a complete examination and it is still necessary to have regular dental check-ups according to your individual needs.
All Patients £75.00
Tooth Coloured Filling
All Patients from £165.00 to £225.00
Cosmetic Front Tooth Filling (per tooth)
All Patients from £245.00 to £285.00
Temporary Fillings
Used in problem/emergency appointments
All Patients from £75.00 to £125.00
Fissure Sealants (per tooth)
All Patients £37.00
Lab-made Restorations
Single Crowns, Inlays & Onlays
Custom made repair structures for damaged teeth that require more strength that a standard filling.
All Patients from £765.00 to £795.00
Bridges (multiple units)
Restorations designed as multiple units for a number of teeth.
All Patients from £1450.00 to £3180.00
Teeth Grinding Devices
Night time Splint
A custom-made device prescribed by your dentist specifically designed to suppress Muscle para function intensity.
All Patients £425.00
A custom-made 3D printed hollow insert in each ear canal prescribed for the treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD) and the associated symptoms such as jaw pain, headaches and clenching.
All Patients £550.00
Combined Bruxism Treatment (Splint & Cerezen)
All Patients £850.00
Teeth Straightening/Orthodontics
Orthodontic Consultation & Suitability Assessment
In house suitability assessment for Orthodontic treatment options.
All Patients £45.00
Fixed Clear Brackets
A semi-permanent bracket and wire system for adult teeth straightening.
All Patients from £1800.00 to £3200.00
Clear Removable Aligners (Invisalign/Smilelign)
A removable clear tray system for adult teeth straightening.
All Patients from £2200.00 to £3500.00
Fixed Retainer
A permanent fixed behind teeth wire – post orthodontic straightening.
All Patients £155.00
Missing teeth can often be replaced by implants. There are various types of implants, however, the most commonly placed act like roots of teeth. After they have been fitted and have healed in place, dentures or crowns may be attached to them.

Single Unit Implant

Initial Implant Consultation with Implant surgeon
This consultation with our Specialist Implantologist is essential to establish the suitability for implants and identify any additional treatment which may be required to enable the placement of an implant.
All Patients £125.00
Implant Placement and Restoration
Implant & Restorations (including Crown) subject to number of Units.
All Patients from £2450.00 to £16500.00
Bone Graft
All Patients from £350.00 to £1200.00
Single Unit Implant
All Patients from £1200.00 to £1500.00
Sinus Lift
All Patients from £800.00 to £1200.00
Implant retained teeth in a day
All Patients from £12000.00 to £18000.00
Suture Removal
All Patients £45.00
All Patients from £175.00 to £325.00
Cosmetic Veneers & Crowns or Digital Smile Design
Cosmetic Veneers & Crowns or Digital Smile Design
All Patients from £950.00 to £1280.00
Additional Treatments and Services
Facial Aesthetics
Facial lines / Filler Initial Consultation & Suitability Assessment
All Patients £45.00
Facial line treatment
1 Area £185.00
2 Areas £260.00
3 Areas £325.00
Facial Filler treatment
1st Syringe £325.00
Additional Syringe £185.00
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